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Malvazija/malvasia is white variety, grown mostly in mediterranean, though it’s also known as red grape (Malvasia Nera), which can mostly be found in Italian regions Piemonte and Puglia. Istrian malvasia or simply malvasia is again white variety, found in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy and gives moderately aromatic wines, somewhere between flowery (acacia flower) and fruity (apple, plum, apricot) on smell. Taste is full bodied and in case of matured wines often perfectly rounded. Some fresh specimens can give a bit “sweet” aftertaste, although the wine is dry. Color is straw to golden yellow, except in case of macerated malvasias, which are dark, intense yellow to orange. There are many producers in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Some of them make fantastic natural malvasias. In Croatia I would highlight: Giorgio Clai, Kabola, Roxanich. The latest is regular guest of natural wine festivals in Europe in wider. We have some absolutely fabulous natural malvasias in Slovenia. Gordia, Klabjan, JNK, Rodica are only some of them … personally I am time and again excited with smell and full, mineral but at the same time fruity and spicy taste of malvasias from Čotar, and malvazija Amfora, produced (with a little help from Branko Čotar) by Svetozar Raspopović, more commonly known as the owner of AS restaurant in Ljubljana, where you can enjoy this excellent wine. Both producers make malvasia with typical, nice and soft mineral taste, relatively low alcohol, perfect roundness, in short Kras (Carso) in its best. You can find excellent natural malvasias on Italian side of Carso: Škerk, Zidarich and Škerlj make great natural wines. There are many more great producers, of course. I only highlighted those who in my opinion fall in top of the top.

Photos of some of the mentioned:

Mavazija Gordia, Ankaran


Malvazija Čotar, Gorjansko, Kras


Malvazija, Amfora, Raspopović