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Some wine bloggers and writers as well as some wine producers are arguing Natural Wine term, as well as movements, such as VinNatur, ViniVeri, RAWfair, ThatCrazyFrenchWoman, etc. They act like an insulted child, saying “Oh – so all other wines are unreal or unnatural.” They are saying we (natural wine supporters) only recognize natural wines and claim all others as fake wines. It’s far from the truth though. In reality, natural wine producers proved they add no chemicals to their wines, except minimum quantity of SO2 in some cases. So we are not a bunch of crazies, who have declared war against sulphur. We are simply enjoying wines, which reflect terroir in appearance, smell and taste, rather than aroma from added aromatized yeast or special tannins. This is the problem. I believe there are many producers out there, who are not declaring themselves as natural wine producers, but act like those, not adding chemicals, enzymes etc. to their wine, but only help natural process to do its job.

Buying yeast, in some cases aromatized; adding or using: enzymes (betaglucanase,
pectolytics, urease), tannins, tartaric acid, calcium alginate, potassium alginate, potassium caseinate, casein, isinglass, silicon dioxide, edible gelatine, acacia (gum arabic), milk/lactalbumin, proteins of plant origin, ovalbumin (egg white), alumni silicates, ferrous sulfate, polyvinyl-polypyr-rolidone (PVPP), activated charcoal, concentrated grape must, rectified concentrated grape must, saccharose, oxygen, fresh lees, ammonium bisulphite, thiamine hydrochloride, yeast cell walls, diammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, ammonium sulphite …. doesn’t make wine NATURAL. As I mentioned before, many producers proved their production and product (wine) is free of the above mentioned and also many not mentioned – additives. I don’t say all other wines are UNreal or UNnatural, but Vinnatur, Viniveri and members of some other consortiums and organizations proved their wines ARE natural. The fact that some big cellars/producers and “independent” writers started war against natural wine movement speaks for itself. I think it’s quite simple to prove your wine is natural. The real question is whether you have the guts to do it.